What Web Designers Should Keep In Mind for 2018

Web design is no longer a side or optional skill — it’s something everyone would benefit to get onboard with. It’s hard to overlook the future as a digital one. There are now a whopping 3.74 billion internet users, as of March 2017. Over 5.5 billion Google searches are conducted per day, while more than 2 million blog posts are published across the web each day. There are 330.6 million registered domain names, with over 1.24 billion websites in existence. You likely get the point.

15+ Latest Top-notch E-commerce Templates To Run an E-store in 2018

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Launching an online e-store is one of the sound ways to multiply your income as a store owner. However, you should make a wise choice in terms of what you use to power a website. To quickly and effectively launch an e-store, you can take advantage of one of the 15+ latest e-commerce templates.

Website Requirements Analysis – A True Measure of Competence

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Believe it or not, in every website development project—be it creating a fresh website or just revamping the old one—web requirements analysis is a precursor. Many developers overlook its significance. I have witnessed even the most experienced programmers using NoSQL databases at first and then struggling with finding a way something like SQL join without compromising on the overall code performance. No amount of magnificent coding can redress the balance for a bad decision.

The Secrets Behind Being a Successful Instagram Photographer

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Photographers and artists alike have seen this as an opportunity to not only make a living from a platform like Instagram, but also a profitable channel that can garner sponsored and paid opportunities that further promote their work. Something as simple as an app with over 600 million monthly active users makes this platform a no brainer for promoting your photography business and aspiring for “instagram success”.

9 Tips for Managing and Running Your Business Effectively

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It is not unknown that most of the highly successful people have shared their traits which include tenacity, vision, luck, hard work and being business savvy. It is often heard that people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, have “Midas touch” as they seem to be able to turn the majority of their business into successes.

10 APIs That All Web Developers Should Know About

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The Internet has really become a conglomeration of technology thanks to the advent of application programming interfaces (APIs). It seems as if everything we need has been put together in a very convenient way. Thanks to the ability to work numerous applications at a single time, it eliminates having to click through a variety of applications that may serve different purposes.

Free Adobe InDesign Brochure Template

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Making beautiful brochures is easy for anyone, when they have a gorgeous template to start from. But even if you are an experienced graphic designer, using a template is still a great idea. Editing templates takes far less time and effort than creating something from scratch.

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